The Simplest Illustration of Design Thinking You’ll Find Out There

First, what is common in the process of making a Nike footwear, the creating of the Burj Khalifa plan or the stage coordination of William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet?

The art called Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is basically an interdisciplinary systematic…

My Experience Thus Far With Senpai Design 101

There is always more to what you see — Mmesoma

It was a rather random Thursday, and I was quite indisposed, but I had to attend a masterclass with my sister. The masterclass was quite interesting and was on design thinking and was facilitated by the founder of Senpai. …

And like the ear of a corn being husked, the older ones fade, and the younger ones are to fill in, keeping the lineage running.

I was privileged to have met my great-grandmother. The only memory I have of her is, little me walking through a dark corridor into a…

Dear 2017,

In you I learnt so much about collisions.

We collide with people, just as in physics, it could be perfectly elastic and chemistries are had, some are lost.

In you I laughed, I grew, I cried, I saw life from a different lens.

I lost opportunities, and gained…

It was wrong I know. It was a dumb move, I know.. I should have been wiser I know…

Sometimes we try to let down our walls, cause we feel that since no one has been able to climb through, it’s too high. We then do the very thing we normally wouldn’t do.

And now when things go sour, we remember the very reason we made those walls so high in the first place.

Be unapologetic about your scars your standards,and your values, cause they make you who you are.


Mmesoma Agbazue

Sharing nuggets acquired from my journey to Self development.

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